Mushroom Hunt

Written by Pete Fillery. Posted in Features

This fantastic mushroom hunt organised by Vitality+ into Reddisher Woods was a great opportunity to see some of our fascinating native fungi and learn how to identify some of the very best edible species, as well as how to differentiate them from the deadlier varieties!

The weather was kind, we saw a startling array of shapes and colours and found out about the remarkable medicinal properties of many of the most common species. At the end of the walk we returned to Vitality+ and got the chance to cook and sample some of our best edible finds accompanied by some crusty bread and a few cold beers courtesy of the fabulous 'First Chop' bar next door.

As you'll see from our photos of the event everyone had an INCREDIBLE time, both adults and children alike, prior to the hunt neither of the kids would go near a mushroom, not only did they find the most examples but both are now well and truely converted to eating them too :)

For anyone that missed the experience, we're all hoping to get another foraging trip organised as soon as the opportunity arises. Our guide was the very brilliant Jesper Launder, a qualified medical herbalist with a reputation as a leading expert in the use of mushrooms medicinally. He started identifying and eating wild mushrooms over 25 years ago and now leads numerous Fungi Forays and Edible Mushroom Hunts throughout autumn.

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