Pruning and Wassailing

Written by Lynn Leyland-Mather. Posted in Features

What a fantastic sunny day we had for our fruit tree pruning workshop with THE BiG DIG followed by an INCREDIBLE wassail.

Hilary Dobson from The Northern Fruit Group instructed around twenty people on how best to prune the trees. As most of ours are so old and laid down from the weight of brambles in the past, this was quite a challenge.

While the pupils pruned and chopped our regular orchard sunday volunteers made a lovely bonfire with all the old branches and prunings, while others just soaked up the sun and the lovely views.

To complete a beautiful day we then had our wassail with double bass, fiddle and guitar, we sang and toasted the trees which we’d decorated, drank lots of cider (of course) and ate apple pies, cakes and soup.

Our resident photographer Barry Ogden has captured the atmosphere wonderfully with all his photos [+ a few additions provided by our web monkey Pete Fillery].

Let’s hope our next workshop (3rd March), when we’ll be learning how to graft apple trees, will be just as successful - read Ians latest orchard newsletter and subscribe to future mailouts.

Interested in finding out more about pruning? Check out this practical beginners guide to fruit tree pruning (video).

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