Apple Day 2011

Written by Simon Ladds. Posted in Features

Last year was an enjoyable stroll around the park indulging in apple juice, cups of tea and cakes a plenty, a gentle introduction to the art of holding an event in your local village. This year we pushed the boundaries a little, when I say pushed the boundaries, I really mean we made it a little bit bigger, a little bit better - but who knows in the coming year’s we may need the whole park for IER Apple Day – scary, but very exciting.

Mushroom Hunt

Written by Pete Fillery. Posted in Features

This fantastic mushroom hunt organised by Vitality+ into Reddisher Woods was a great opportunity to see some of our fascinating native fungi and learn how to identify some of the very best edible species, as well as how to differentiate them from the deadlier varieties!

The Good Samaritan

Written by Joy Ladds. Posted in Features

The good Samaritan

The council gave Incredible Edible Ramsbottom the land at the side of The Good Samaritan. This is quite a big wedge of land to plant up and maintain. However, we were convinced that it would be a great showcase and a great statement to show our commitment to making Rammy self sufficient in veggies.

Orchard Birthday

Written by Pete Fillery. Posted in Features

Chief gardener at Holly Mount Orchard celebrated his 30th birthday after our sunday session tidying up, we had beautiful weather in which we drank and dined in the glory of our ever improving community orchard.

Ramson Day

Written by Lynn Leyland-Mather. Posted in Features

Ramson Day

On Ramsons Day we celebrated Ramsbottom’s beautiful and delicious namesake, wild garlic. Ramsons appeared a couple of weeks early this year and after a very hot April we were a bit concerned we wouldn’t have enough healthy plants. However we gave away 180 plants to visitors who were interested to learn where to find it, how to grow it (damp shade) and how to cook it.

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