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EAT (Employment and Training) Pennines’ is a new food-based youth training academy focussed on supporting young people from East Lancashire and West Yorkshire aged 14-25 who are not in education, training or employment to achieve nationally recognised qualifications and progress into employment. The academy will operate as a social enterprise, reinvesting any profit to create more opportunities for young people. The academy will offer training in food-based vocational sectors including horticulture, catering and hospitality with a target of at least 60 young people trained by the business in the first 5 years.

A vacant community pub (Eagle & Child - Ramsbottom) will be renovated, which will operate commercially as a family-focussed facility with traditional home-cooked Pennine foods, beers and an outdoor ‘incredible edible’ beer garden creating an innovative dining space where families can learn more about where our food comes from whilst enjoying a unique family environment. The business will demonstrate an effective new concept to make community pubs viable, whilst training and employing disadvantaged young people.

Eagle & Child

‘EAT Pennines’ provides a new concept for ensuring ongoing viability of the local pub whilst tackling youth unemployment. Quality family pubs are hard to come by and pubs are boarded up all over the country. There are rarely outdoor facilities where children can play. This business creates an educational family-centred setting where children can learn more about the food they are eating and where it comes from in the ‘incredible edible’ beer garden. This setting dually operates as a vocational training academy for young people.

Youth unemployment is at an all time high with 20-25% of young people not in education, training or employment. This is likely to get worse due to the slow recovery from recession and ongoing redundancies make the jobs market more competitive. This is of particular concern in the Pennine areas of East Lancashire and West Yorkshire where youth unemployment, economic activity and competitiveness remain some of the poorest in the UK according to the UK competitiveness index. We must ensure that young people that are most removed from the jobs market get the support and encouragement they need to succeed through accredited vocational training. Catering and hospitality offer real potential to develop skills and confidence to access entry-level work. This business offers a solution to change the culture and recruit more young people from workless communities here in the UK into the food and hospitality sector.

Benefit to local community

The academy will be incorporated as a social enterprise with any profits reinvested back into the business to ensure that it meets its principle social objectives. The business will manage a triple bottom-line ensuring that it is financially, socially and environmentally accountable. During the first 5 years, through the academy at least 60 young people will be trained and complete a nationally recognised vocational qualification. 20 young people will be employed by the business and all other young people trained will be supported into employment locally. This has the potential to save the public purse around £10,000 per individual per year in benefit payments.

I am keen to source as many products as possible from local suppliers sourcing from Lancashire and Yorkshire businesses (especially social enterprises) to help to keep money in the local economy and reduce environmental impact.

Pubs provide a facility and meeting place for the local community. The business will provide an educational and recreational setting, teaching families about where food comes from and how to grow their own. The pub will provide free meeting space and food to local voluntary community groups. A donation as a percentage of dividends will be made from the pub business on an annual basis to support the ‘Incredible Edible’ movement. This will help to support community food growing projects in the Pennines.

EAT Pennines

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Scheduled to open on Saturday 8th October

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