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Nice weather for ducks!

It’s also wonderful weather for slugs and if you want your lettuces to survive it’s really tempting to use slug pellets, if you do we'd highly recommend that you try the ‘Growing Success’ brand as they are suitable for organic gardening and are safe for use around children, pets and wildlife (just read the reviews). Other alternatives incude wool, eggshells grit and spent coffee grounds - Room 54 and the Vintage café have both offered us coffee grounds for the plots so a BIG thank you to them :)

We said in the last newsletter that things were greening up despite the cold, well looking out of the window now things are very green and very wet. It seems we spend spring urging seedlings to grow and by June we’re saying ‘Get back!’

Lettuce grow together

A few shops and the police station are planning to hang edible plant hanging baskets outside their premises.

Suitable plants could include: small nasturtiums; herbs such as mint, lemon balm, parsley, marjoram, sage and thyme; lettuce leaves, salad or tumbling tomatoes. There's loads of good tips out there - here's just one of the many sites available, offering numerous ideas and links to more: My hanging baskets.

Numerous interested parties are heading to the Good Samaritan plot / Hearth of the Ram for our usual Thursday night plant and seed swop, so if your business or organisation wants to grow edibles get in touch or just come along...

Incredible Edible Ramsbottom - Thank You!

Quite a few businesses and organisations in Ramsbottom are now offering help and/or growing fruit, veg or edible flowers. All will receive one of Joy’s IER tiles as a thank you. So far, Vitality+ and the First Chop have one, the Eagle + Child who now have an Incredible Edible Beer Garden (see photos), Glen also lets us use his basement, his function room for our meetings and talks, not to mention all the fund raising and INCREDIBLE ideas he comes up with (he should have about 10 really).

We also plan to give one to Irwell Brewery who give us their spent hops as a mulch and compost and Park Farm who have given us discounts on fruit trees and plants.

Nuttall Park - herb bed

Next Wednesday evening at 7pm (June 27th) we intend to tidy up the herb bed in the park.

It’s absolutely flourishing - we've had a fair amount of rain since the photo was taken in taken (late may) so it is in need of a bit of TLC...

However as you can see we've now got a very fancy lecturn containing lots of useful info on herbs, courtesy of Joy's beautiful artwork and Charlotte's wonderful design and layout skills.

It’s good to see that people are actually using the herbs but there’s still plenty more for the taking, so please get stuck in!

Diary of a wildflower patch

You can now keep upto date with what's what at the Rammy Community Wildflower Patch - find out why it got started, who's involved and who's helped (special shout out to Lea Brook Nuseries).

On the 11th July at 7pm (postponed to the 18th) we are having another push at clearing more grass from the wild flower area. If you have any bee friendly plants to spare please bring them along. Bee friendly flowers are those with plenty of available pollen and nectar.

Holly Mount Orchard

As always there's loads going on in regards to the orchard, Ian's Holly Mount stall attracted lots of interest at the Greenmount Jubliee Fair (Thanks to Alex too). Plenty of progress has been made despite the bad weather! the greenhouse has been secured, a new path has been built and the melonry is now in place. The rain is really bringing up the grass in the orchard so we intend to either buy a strimmer or hire a goat. Does anyone know where we can rent a goat?

Ramsbottom Fire Station

The fire station plot is looking quite healthy. The potatoes have been earthed up and turnips pulled up (bit hard as they bolted but leaves could be used for soup). The lettuces are ready for eating so help yourselves.

No one has taken them up on their offer of beehive hosting just yet but should anyone need a place to keep one, just get in touch!

Green Cottage talk

We're really looking forward to next month’s talk on the 9th July when Andy Hunt will give a talk on his eco-renovated Victorian terraced house in Bury. He will also include how he’s managed to grow a goody amount of fruit and vegetables in his back yard.

You can find out about the house on his website or at

Another date for your diary is November 17th when we will be having another celeigh. The last one was great fun and this one should be even better as we’re having The Stepping Stones live band. I know it’s a way off yet but we thought you might want the advance warning.

Everyone is welcome to come to the orchard or any of the plots to help out or just come and have a chat.

We would love to see you at any of our events or to hear from you via our website's forum (we now put all our committee meeting minutes there too), on twitter or facebook.

To see where we are and when, just click into the calendar at the top of our home page.

Happy Growing and Eating

Lynn and the IER team

P.S. Keep an eye on our Flickr photo sets as we're always adding stuff even if we havent got around to featuring them in an article yet, check out Barry's latest Ramson Day 2012 upload (great photos as always) and finally if you haven't visited our site for a while, you may or may not have noticed that we've added a feature on our fruit tree grafting session.

Special request

Eagle + Child

Support this fantastic social enterprise, taste their great food and visit their Incredible Edible Beer Garden

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